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From Craig Sebenik <>
Subject mod_ext_filter and last-modified header
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 00:57:07 GMT
It looks like mod_ext_filter sets the last-modified http header based on 
the mod time of the *filter* file and not the actual file represented by 
the URL.


the following filter is configured in httpd.conf

ExtFilterDefine filter-name mode=output intype=text/html outtype=text/html \
<Directory "/web_home/htdocs">
	SetOutputFilter filter-name

now, if you try to get the following url:


the Last-Modified HTTP header seems to be set based on the timestamp on 
"/web_home/filters/" and NOT on "/web_home/htdocs/file.html"

i was hoping that this would be an easy fix for someone a lot more 
familiar with the code.

i do understand that this may change the current behavior of existing apps 
that use mod_ext_filter... so, comments are welcomed...


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