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From Ben Wyckoff <>
Subject Apache 2.0.48 mod_disk_cache, GC not yet implemented
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 21:58:40 GMT
Hello. I sent this same basic question to the apache users list a few 
days ago, and not surprisingly, it was suggested that I try this list 

I've recently started working with Apache 2.0.48. This question 
specifically relates to mod_disk_cache and garbage collection. I 
looked at the 2.0.49 notes, and don't see any significant changes 

The mod_disk_cache docs say (a) the mod is experimental, and (b) all 
of the GC directives are not yet implemented.

I searched the apache users mail archives back to Oct 2003, and found 
a few questions about the disk space growing unbounded, and the 
answers in both cases were to use something like a cron job to sweep 
the cache hierarchy and delete the old files. I've also searched the 
dev archives, and didn't find any answers.

I'm willing to get my hands dirty and write some code if need be. 
Given that the docs refer to a variety of GC directives that weren't 
implemented, I wonder if there is an original design floating around 
somewhere that could be made available, or if anyone can comment on 
plans for the mod_disk_cache, either in the 2.0 code tree or the 2.1 


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