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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject mod_auth_digest and MSIE
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2004 18:30:08 GMT
hi all...

  the MSIE + query string and mod_auth_digest came up again yesterday in

the issue was discussed here a while ago, most notably in

with most people thinking it was a decent enough idea but with little in
terms of a resoltion.

anyway, I (along with a few others in the two threads) are kind of in favor
of giving admins _some_ way to support MSIE + Digest.  I like Paul's
original patch but kind of felt that playing with the comparison algorithm
was, well, messier than messing with the individual components.  messy in
either case but at least this way if the comparison ever needs to change
there are less parentheses to worry about ;)

so new patch against HEAD is attached.  comments, new or changed opinions,
implementation preferences, etc welcome.  if the consensus is that the idea
is decent I'll keep reworking patches until everyone is satisfied with the


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