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From Sumeet Singh <>
Subject bug in add_any_filter_handle
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2004 19:30:27 GMT
Hi all,
    I think I have found a bug in the function add_any_filter_handle in 
util_filter.c. The problem occurs when I add a filter at level 
AP_FTYPE_PROTOCOL + 5  *before* net_time_filter and ap_http_filter are 
added - which are both at levels AP_FTYPE_PROTOCOL. When I do this, I 
find that while r->proto_input_filters is setup properly: 
(1)net_time_filter->(2)ap_http_filter->(3)My filter. However 
r->input_filters points directly to my filter - thus bypassing all other 
fiters before it. This is owing to the last two lines in 

    if (frec->ftype < AP_FTYPE_CONNECTION && (*r_filters == *c_filters)) {
        *r_filters = *p_filters;

    This is obviously a serious bug. I also think that this function 
should be code-reviewed in general because it might have other problems. 
If there aren't any objections on this mailing list (for a few days), 
then I'll go ahead and file a bug.


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