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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] RewriteCond and SSL environment variables
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2004 14:12:59 GMT
> Maybe
> we should put the HTTPS check into an own function (we could use %{HTTPS} in
> mod_rewrite then). That way, other modules, that want to check (only) HTTPS,
> also don't need to run though all the mess of ssl_var_lookup.

I'm not familiar with mod_ssl internals, but is there any reason we can't
move subprocess_env population to something early like post-read-request?
as a per-connection thingy, HTTPS ought to be know before the request cycle
begins, right?  maybe not for other things, though...

anyway, this same thing came up recently with mod_env

in that case I did trace the code and couldn't see any reason that the
population couldn't appear sooner, other than perhaps the history of
subprocess_env (but I haven't been around _that_ long :)


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