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From Werner Schalk <>
Subject Global variables in self-written Module for Apache 2
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 07:36:09 GMT

I have written a database-driven module for the Apache 2 on Windows 
(mpm_winnt). I am actually creating and storing all data send by the clients 
in global variables (within that module) so each client process is able to 
access all data globally (not only the data send by him or her) until the 
Apache is restarted.

Afterwards I ported this module to Linux and no matter which mpm I use 
(worker, prefork or perchild) a client is only able to access the data 
submitted by him- or herself and not the global ones. Does anyone know a 
trick or way around this, how can I access global variables in an Apache 
module on Linux? Is there any way of synchronization between the processes or 
threads or do I have to use something like shared memory?

Bye and thanks,

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