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From Alexis Huxley <>
Subject Re: "(97)Address family not supported by protocol" causes "disk ticking"?
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 13:30:07 GMT
>> About once every three weeks it happens that the hard disk of the
>> machine where I run apache2 starts audibly "ticking" - i.e. it starts
>> making some sort of non-cached access (maybe the log writing below?) at
>> a rate of once per second.

>>         [Mon Feb 16 23:35:33 2004] [warn] (97)Address family not supported by protocol:
get socket to connect to listener
>>         [Mon Feb 16 23:35:34 2004] [warn] (97)Address family not supported by protocol:
get socket to connect to listener

> OK, what platform are you on, what Listen directives are you using, and

	Linux dione 2.4.16 #1 Sat Mar 9 19:04:14 CET 2002 i686 GNU/Linux

It's a Debian 'testing' box, but apache2 is locally compiled because
I'm running Subversion too.

The only listen directive is a 'Listen 80', not nested inside anything.

( I've posted the complete httpd.conf at The
changes made to the out-of-the-box httpd.conf are documented at )

> are you using IPv6 on the box at all?  It would be useful to run "strace

No, not running v6 - or at least:

	dione$ telnet ::1 
	Trying ::1...
	telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Address family not supported by protocol

so I presume that means I'm not (right? 'telnet' gives a normal
'connection' refused' 'cos telnetd not running).

> -p" on the pid of the parent once the server gets into this state.

Okay; the 'strace -p' will take some more time, because I have no way 
of provoking this behaviour; I just have to wait for it to happen.

Is there any other info I can provide before it happens, or anything
else I should collect when it does? If there please let me know, and
if there isn't I'll keep quiet until I've collected said information
and then post/cc again.

Thanks for the assistance ...


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