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From Benedict DSilva <>
Subject Help required on Apache from scratch...
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 06:13:12 GMT
Hi all,


Just wanted to know about how does the Apache HTTP Server start, and all
that it does with the modules (Initialization, Configuration etc).


These are some of the points I wanted to get cleared about!!


1. When Apache starts up what is all that it does with the Modules 

   i.e How does it form its linked list, and maintain the reference.

2. When ever a request is sent to Apache server, then how does it process

      2.1 Does it map the request to each and every module handler in the

      2.2 How are all the phases then handled? Is it that for every phase of
the request(URI translation, auth, atho....etc)  

          all the modules actually consulted whether they can handle it?


Overall just wanted to know the working of the Apache Web Server from


Awaiting for a helping hand!


Thanks in Advance,


Warm Regards,



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