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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Adding support for SO_BINDTODEVICE
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 07:21:07 GMT
At 12:50 AM 2/13/2004, Ben Greear wrote:
>Jeff Trawick wrote:
>>Ben Greear wrote:
>>>I have need of a web-server which can bind to a particular
>>>device, both by binding to the local IP address and
>>>also using the setsockopt(... SO_BINDTODEVICE) call.
>>>Would there be any chance that such a patch would
>>>be accepted into the main tree?
>>sure there's a chance ;)  if a patch isn't hard to create and you need such a server
anyway, post the patch and let us see what this involves; please note that new features like
this should be in 2.1-dev...  you didn't mention which level of Apache you were interested
in enhancing
>I'm working on 2.0.48, the latest stable.  I assume the patch will
>port forward to the development version fairly easily.
>One question I have:  I need root priv to SO_BINDTODEVICE.  But,
>it appears to be highly un-cool to run apache as root.  So, is
>there any easy way to get root priv just while running the bind?
>I will need to bind during the initial listening phase, and also
>after an accept is done.

The only sane answer is to pass the ports back from a parent-process
thread that spools em up.  but that won't work after the connection is
accepted unless you pass them back through a Unix domain socket to
be 'blessed' by bindtodevice.

Are you certain you need to do this after accept?  I would think the
incoming request is already bound to a specific adapter.  If you only
need root creating the listeners on specific adapters, you already have
root (heh - even http on port 80 needs root to create the listeners :-)


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