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From "Brett E." <>
Subject Re: Patch for query string customization?
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2004 23:32:04 GMT
Sorry for the confusion. I meant is it possible to use a #define macro 
for the query string delimiter. Ie, everywhere we use '?' in the code, 
use say QUERY_STRING_DELIM. For example:


     q = strchr(r->filename, '?');


     q = strchr(r->filename, QUERY_STRING_DELIM);

..everywhere in the code.



André Malo wrote:
> * "Brett E." <> wrote:
>>Would the powers that be accept a patch which would define the query 
>>string as a macro, possibly specified in configure and with sane 
>>defaults of course?
> Sorry, I don't understand your idea. Can you explain it more? Thanks.
> nd

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