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Subject Re: [PATCH] configurable Location block speed up
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2004 19:22:29 GMT
Ben Laurie wrote:
> wrote:
>> wrote:
>>> or Joshua's "virtual" keyword on <Location >, which I like better the 
>>> more I think about it.
>> ooops... s/Joshua/André/
>> but Joshua has excellent points about "virtualness" being a property 
>> of the handler.  Yes, the server-status handler should know that it is 
>> virtual, but the handler hook is too late to skip the directory walk.  
>> But the mod_status maintainers (i.e. us) know that mod_status is 
>> virtual, so maybe it could tell the core earlier somehow.  An earlier 
>> hook?  preferably something at config time since the virtualness 
>> doesn't ever change?
> Isn't this going to be horribly messy? The current system says "oi, you 
> - here's a URL, do you handle it?" whereas you'd need to have "oi, you, 
> here's a pattern that might match a URL you handle, does it?".

it should be clean.  I'm thinking the module somehow communicates to the core 
that all its URLs are virtual, i.e., they don't map to the filesystem no way no 
how not ever.  Then we still need the

<Location /server-status >
    SetHandler status_handler    # or whatever it is

config/processing to take care of the pattern matching of the URLs, just like 
today.  If both of those things line up, then we can skip the directory walk.

btw, neither of the patches I posted do the communicating the virtualness to the 
core bit.  I just realized what Joshua was saying this morning.  The first patch 
assumes virtualness when it sees the config above, the second patch adds it as 
new config.  Having it communicated by the module is a much better idea.


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