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From Aryeh Katz <>
Subject Re: frustrating build experience *nix/windows
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2004 18:44:49 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> At 09:44 AM 2/6/2004, Aryeh Katz wrote:
>>In the 1.3 environment I was able to use the --shadow configure option to use the
same source tree for multiple os's. This was quite valuable, as one source code change was
needed for all platforms.
>>However, the --shadow option is gone in 2.0. 
> ....
>>That's why there are two source packages, windows and UNIX.
> Actually that's not the reason.  The two reasons are:
> 1. line endings; msvc and msdev studio hate several files with unix line endings
>    and either fail all together (nmake makefile) or produce erroneous results
>    (emitted diagnostic line numbers from .c source files etc.)  The win32 package
>    uses srclib/apr/build/ to mop text files from one to the other form.
>    Unless you are using a linux toolchain, or working on a volume that supports
>    two views of the same file (e.g. Cygwin 'DOS' mounted unix volumes) this
>    issue seems that it would continue to plague you.
This might be the issue *nix to windows. I was having trouble the other 
direction. After my windows builds my *nix builds were toast.
> 2. build files; this shouldn't be a hassle for you, it simply includes generated
>    win32 exported makefiles and makefile dependencies from .pdb projects, 
>    along with the awk result .rc version files.  These aren't present in the
>    Unix build, and are honestly not required to build the project if you use
>    Visual Studio later than version 5.
Actually, this was exactly my problem.
apr.h, apu.h and a whole bunch of other files were generated by windows 
(and at least I couldn't get it to clean up). Once those header files 
get included by the *nix packages (despite the fact they have working 
apr.h etc in their own tree), the sources won't compile.
Aryeh Katz
SecureD Services
410 653 0700 x 2

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