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Subject Re: [PATCH] configurable Location block speed up
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2004 15:21:26 GMT
moving to dev@ ... this deserves wider attention IMO

Geoffrey Young wrote:

> one thing I was wondering about was the interaction between your patch an
> mod_alias.  just by following the code without testing, it seems like either
> mod_alias needs to unset the outside_filesystem flag for things like Alias
> and ScriptAlias, 

something like that might work

> or it needs to blow up over the conflict between those directives and your new directive.

or Joshua's "virtual" keyword on <Location >, which I like better the more I 
think about it.

But yeah, good point.  Unfortunately it adds complexity.  If the conflict could 
be detected at config time rather than run time, the added complexity does't 
bother me much at all.

> that is, unless I'm reading the code wrong, or common setups like this
> Alias /cgi-bin /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin
> <Location /cgi-bin>
>   SetHandler cgi-script
> ...
> are also ones that you believe go against the existing documentation.
> anyway, not a criticism (especially if I'm wrong), 

I think you're right.  Constructive critism is always welcome :)

> just an observation.

> --Geoff

No problem... excellent feedback.


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