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Subject Re: [PATCH] configurable Location block speed up
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 16:05:44 GMT
Joshua Slive wrote:

>>(without closer looking at the code)
>>I'd suggest rather
>><Location [virtual] /uri-path>
>>where the virtual keyword defines that the location is independent from
> Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the issue, but neither of these make sense to
> me.  It is not really the behavior of the <Location> block that is
> changing.  <Location> always acts outside the filesystem.  What is
> changing is that a certain directive inside a <Location> block should be
> applied differently.  So shouldn't this just be
> SetVirtualHandler server-status
> or
> SetHandler virtual server-status

Joshua and André, thanks.  Both of you are better at user interfaces than I am. 
   But it sounds like we first need to decide if configuring/assuming <Location 
 > to be truly outside the filesystem is the way to go.


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