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From Matthew Gress <>
Subject Capabilities to provide UDP (not TCP) services with Apache
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 00:22:13 GMT
I am curious about what it would take to use an alternate protocol at 
layer 4 with apache.

> I have already posted to the users list and was referred here.
> Apache can communicate with several TCP protocols but I have a module
> project which needs UDP communications as well.  I have searched the
> documentation, archives, and 2.0.48 HTTPD server source for this and all
> I find are references for beos, testcockets, LDAP,  DNS lookups and some
> OS-related stuff regarding NIS.  Oh yeah, and an old SSL exploit
> apparently made HTTPD open a UDP listener too...
> In any case, I have not found a reference to how to configure apache to
> do this and need to know where I should start to create or adapt for 
> this functionality.
> We realized that we might have to code this personally to make this
> work, but would rather not if it is already in existence.
> Another question I have is, can we create a module that services UDP 
> "connections" without
> hitting the cental apache server code.
> Thanks!
> Matthew Gress

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