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Subject [PATCH] configurable Location block speed up
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 21:39:43 GMT
I had some offline feedback for my previous Location speeder-upper which I 
though had merit.  That patch skips the directory walk when it detects a 
SetHandler directive inside of a Location block.  The jist of the criticism was 
that some user might have a Location block with a URI that overlaps with 
something in the filesystem, despite what we say in the doc.  I quote:

When to use <Location>

Use <Location> to apply directives to content that lives outside the filesystem. 
  For content that lives in the filesystem, use <Directory> and <Files>.  An 
exception is <Location / >, which is an easy way to apply a configuration to the 
entire server.

If there are sites out there that ignore the piece about the content living 
outside the filesystem, my previous patch which requires no new configuration 
might create problems.  This version adds an OutsideFilesystem directive, only 
valid in <Location>, to eliminate the possibility for unpleasant surprises when 
upgrading httpd.  It causes the directory walk to be skipped if set.  btw, I'm 
thinking of this as a 2.1 thing which wouldn't be backported.

But then if I play devil's advocate, someone could see the new directive and 
turn it on when it's not appropriate and cause Bad Things to happen.  Mainly I'm 
looking for comments on whether this should be configurable or not.


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