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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject ErrorDocument mime type
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 15:56:19 GMT
hi all

it's come up a few times for me (and other users) that string-type
ErrorDocuments and custom responses default to "text/html".  however, lots
of people are using servers for xml-only content and want to be able to set
custom responses to simple xml strings without the overhead of a full
internal redirect.  for example, anyway.

here is one way around the issue (if you agree that it's an issue :).  the
attached patch:

  - adds a new ErrorDocumentType directive, for setting the mime type of
string custom responses and ErrorDocuments

  - removes the hard-coded charset previously set for all string-based errors

  - respects AddDefaultCharset settings for both default (still "text/html")
and ErrorDocumentType-set types.

so, the big change is that, by default, simple strings no longer have a
charset sent with them unless the server is specifically configured that
way.  regardless of the rest of the patch, it seems this ought to be the
default behavior anyway, but I guess it hasn't been an issue in the past.

anyway, just an idea.  comments or other suggestions appreciated.


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