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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Apache 2.0 FAQ
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2004 23:23:55 GMT
* Bill Stoddard <> wrote:

> what is the state of the Apache 2.0 FAQ? It's not clear to me how all the
> pieces, index.html, index.xml, all_in_one.xml, all_in_one.html,
> index.html.en, should fit together. For instance, faq/index.html.en
> has information that is -not- in faq/index.xml.  Is this broken or do I just
> not understand how it works? I see duplicated information in the all_in_one
> files. I thought all_in_one should never be directly edited, that it was
> autogenerated.

This is more a question for docs@.

However, it's a bit tricky. All FAQ category files are listed in
categories.xml, which is not autogenerated (yet). If you want to add a FAQ and
it fits into an existing category, just add an appropriate sub section to the
file. (don't forget an entry within in the <ul> on the top).

Otherwise just create a new file and add it to categories.xml and to the
sitemap. I may help out if there are any problems :-)

(time to write an automatism for it...)

Does this help?


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