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Subject Re: Capabilities to provide UDP (not TCP) services with Apache
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 14:29:40 GMT
Yeah, it is a little weird, but not HTTP, another protocol on top of UDP
specific to our application.  

MPM, so that section is the jumping-off point for considering UDP instead of
TCP, and the mod_echo for refernce to another protocol (though TCP) being
implemented in a module.  

In fact, the worker thread model was in my follow-up question, since we would
want to make sure that our module (if we can write one that does what we want
without hitting the "central" code) would still be able to take advantage of
those worker-model schemes.

As you can tell I am not as familiar with the deep architecture, just starting
the investigation and looking for pointers.

Thanks for your response!

Quoting "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>:

> I'm totally confused now :)  Do you want Apache to handle the UDP request
> as an HTTP request?  Or do you want a UDP port that does something else?
> First if you want a pool of UDP listeners, explore the MPM - it's the MPM's
> job to dispatch requests from TCP, so it would make sense to build upon
> another MPM to handle the connections.
> Second if you want to handle a protocol other than HTTP, see mod_echo
> as an example (trivial of course, just as the echo protocol is trivial.)
> Bill
> At 06:22 PM 2/4/2004, Matthew Gress wrote:
> >I am curious about what it would take to use an alternate protocol at layer
> 4 with apache.
> >
> >>I have already posted to the users list and was referred here.
> >>
> >>Apache can communicate with several TCP protocols but I have a module
> >>project which needs UDP communications as well.  I have searched the
> >>documentation, archives, and 2.0.48 HTTPD server source for this and all
> >>I find are references for beos, testcockets, LDAP,  DNS lookups and some
> >>OS-related stuff regarding NIS.  Oh yeah, and an old SSL exploit
> >>apparently made HTTPD open a UDP listener too...
> >>
> >>In any case, I have not found a reference to how to configure apache to
> >>do this and need to know where I should start to create or adapt for this
> functionality.
> >>We realized that we might have to code this personally to make this
> >>work, but would rather not if it is already in existence.
> >>
> >>Another question I have is, can we create a module that services UDP
> "connections" without
> >>hitting the cental apache server code.
> >>
> >>Thanks!
> >>Matthew Gress

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