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From Andre Malo>
Subject Re: new core module mod_version
Date Sat, 31 Jan 2004 14:44:27 GMT
On Fri, 30 Jan 2004 13:50:12 -0500
Jeff Trawick <> wrote:

> Geoffrey Young wrote:
> >>Well, thank you both. If there come no objections, I'll commit it
> >these days>into modules/metadata.
> >
> > actually, while I still like the idea, does it make sense to broaden
> > the scope of the module a bit?  I had started a discussion on
> > <IfThreaded>, which turned into more of an <IfServerIs ...> idea
> > could ping ap_mpm_query and other things.  the main objection, IIRC,
> > was that people weren't too interested in adding more containers to
> > core.
> alternatively, mod_predefine that defines all sorts of wonderful
> symbols(platform, server version in different flavors, etc.) for use
> in IfDefine

In fact, that would be too less functionality. In the first instance the
idea behind mod_version was to get the possibility to say "if version is at least ...". That
wouldn't be possible with predefines. (It's a nice idea, though).

Anyway I think, the one task/one tool philosophy is the right approach here, so you only load
into the server what you really need. IMHO the best way may be to provide a core mechanism
to provide something like

<If someplugin plugindefinedstuff>

and then provide modules that define the plugin stuff like "version", "module", "define" etc.
How does this sound?


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