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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: apache bug archive?
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 18:48:44 GMT
Min Xu(Hsu) wrote:

> On Thu, 15 Jan 2004 Jeff Trawick wrote :
>>data race?  consider
> Thanks. I was able to reproduce this one.

hopefully without the fix which I subsequently committed to 2.1-dev :)

(gotta propose that one for backport I guess)

>>various bugs with file descriptors could lead to race conditions with 
>>data going to the wrong client...  consider CAN-2003-0789, fixed in 
>>Apache 2.0.48
> I am now looking at the CAN-2003-0789. I guess the following patch
> is to fix it:
> However, I couldn't understand this bug, neither could I find any
> of previous posts to explain the bug. Can you give me some clues on
> how to reproduce it? Where is the data race?

not sure if you would call it a "data race"...

bug was that there were two places where we tried to close a single file 
descriptor...  2nd close would fail with EBADF unless some other thread 
had that file descriptor assigned to another file because it got a 
socket or file or pipe or whatever after the first close() but before 
the second close()... that could cause the 2nd thread to fail to write 
data (getting EBADF) or even worse write to some other thread's 
socket/pipe/file/whatever if thread 3 got that fd assigned in the mean time

"race"?  sure...  call it "file descriptor race" or something like that

BTW, syscall traces for any supposedly-thread-safe code should be 
checked very carefully for EBADF retcodes from close()...  if it can get 
EBADF from close() passing something other than -1, then it isn't 

perhaps APR with --enable-maintainer-mode needs to blow up if APR calls 
close(val >= 0) and gets bad EBADF?  I don't know if this would have 
helped CAN-2003-0789 (not sure if the apr close came after the OS 
close), but it might provide some help in the future, or at least some 
comfort knowing that it hasn't blown up.

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