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Subject Re: [PATCH] <Location > block speed up
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 19:42:57 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>...which is the same way we enable mod_status and mod_info.  The key
>>thing here is that the URIs to access a Location enabled handler do not
>>map to the filesystem, so the directory walk is a waste of cycles.  So
>>what can we do about it?  
> isn't that what map_to_storage is for?

A map_to_storage hook needs to know when to allow the directory walk and when 
not to.  I've seen some sophisicated modules with multiple hooks do this by 
parsing URIs against their own config.  But since we have several handlers that 
are enabled strictly by core config directives in the same way, it seems 
appropriate to use the existing core config and URI parsing to tell the core 
what to do.   Plus I don't think we would want to duplicate code in each module 
that uses <Location >


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