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From Aryeh Katz <>
Subject Crash - Win32 on restart
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 19:27:30 GMT
I have a win32 apache (with a whole bunch of modules loaded) that 
crashes on restart.
I think the scenario to replicate is:
1) start as service
2) modify conf file (with typo)
3) restart
4) modify conf file (fix typo)
5) restart
6) restart

The call stack I'm getting 
shows me a crash in substring_conf, and the pointer from apr_palloc is 
Interestingly ;-( this occurs in the middle of the parsing of mime.types.
All the allocs to this point are fine.
The machine is NOT out of memory (I'm typing this on the crashed box, 
with debugger in session).
If I can offer any more information, please let me know.

Aryeh Katz
SecureD Services
410 653 0700 x 2

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