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From "A. H. W. Kong" <>
Subject About mod_auth_ldap and openldap
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 10:09:21 GMT
Hi, all,

I am using  httpd-2.0.48 with openldap-2.0.27. I  have defined a 
<Location> directive as such:

<Location /abc>
    Dav on
    AuthType Indexes
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName DAV
    AuthLDAPURL "ldap://"
    require valid-user

A minor problem I found is : if I used double-qoute around DAV in the 
AuthName line, the httpd will complaint about the next line, 
AuthLDAPURL, of having a invalid URL.  But I guess it is acutally legal 
to use double-qoute around the authname value, right?

The actual problem I have is: when I type http://my_server/abc, the 
webbrowser will prompt me for a user and and password. Then the 
hourglass keeps turning until timeout. I found not log in httpd.log or 
ldap to directly indicate any errors. I wonder how I can trun on more 
debug message, and how I can go about to debug the mod_auth_ldap modules?



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