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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Re: how to set external module variable in other httpd-module
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 12:25:56 GMT
Lubo wrote:
 > I need to change this variable from within this module mod_vdbh. The
 > idea is, that every virtual host should have his own open_basedir
 > value (/mnt/webs/user1, /mnt/webs/user2), etc...
 > Is it possible ? I spend some time with apache-API, documentation,
 > programming, but I have no idea, how can I do that ...

Not only is it possible, I wrote one.

This code is originally based off of mod_vdbh, but I converted it to use 
libdbi and added a few other things.  It includes the ability to set PHP 
safemode/open_basedir values based on database records.

This code is very "alpha" and was written more as a proof of concept, It 
does however "work for me".

It doesn't cache the results, so deploying this on a live server is 

YMMV. Completely Unsupported. Etc.


I know many people want this type of functionality(mass vhosting from 
*sql), but i simply don't have enough time to work on this module with 
my other commitments.

-Paul Querna

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