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From Patrick Welche <>
Subject apr buildconf & libtool
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 19:21:08 GMT
% sh buildconf
rebuilding srclib/apr/configure
buildconf: checking installation...
buildconf: autoconf version 2.59 (ok)
buildconf: libtool version 1.5a (ok)
Copying libtool helper files ...
cat: aclocal.m4: No such file or directory
buildconf: Using libtool.m4 at /usr/local/share/aclocal/libtool.m4.

but, if I upgrade my libtool, there will be no file
cf libtool/NEWS:

New in 1.5b: 2004-??-??; CVS version 1.5a, Libtool team:
* make install now deletes preexisting $prefix/share/libtool before installing
  latest files.

In other words buildconf's

$libtoolize --copy --automake 

ltpath=`dirname $libtoolize`
ltfile=${LIBTOOL_M4-`cd $ltpath/../share/aclocal ; pwd`/libtool.m4}

isn't going to find libtool.m4 to perform the sed to create build/libtool.m4,
unless I work-around using LIBTOOL_M4. I don't know how new AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR
is, but:

* libtoolize installs libtool.m4 (and ltdl.m4 if used) to AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR.

so you know where libtool.m4 will land - why sed the copy?

Standing back for a moment, why is the sed necessary? After buildconf, won't
all the libtool.m4's be the same anyway?



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