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From "Paul White" <>
Subject Sockets and task handling
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 23:45:32 GMT
There are a few features I'd like to use from apache 2.0 modules, and
after researching on the web plus browsing through the apache 2.0 source
code, it would seem that these types of features are not implemented, or
I am missing something. The reason I bring this up here, is because I
would love to contribute these features if the core development group is
I would like the ability to create a socket, and add it to the main poll
set while supplying a socket handler, and flags such as APR_POLLIN and
APR_POLLOUT: If I ask for either one, once one is available, my socket
handler would be called with the new event flags.   This would allow me,
as a module writer, to open up and maintain a socket asynchronously.
The main use for this is the ability to manipulate and fetch real time
data from my module.
The other feature I felt would be very useful, would be some sort of
scheduler: Where, in my module, I can say "Hey, run this routine in 5
I have tons of experience in implementing the above two features for
several other personal projects of mine, and have found that they would
be very useful in apache.  Is there anything like this already
implemented, or would there be any interest if I were to implement it
inside apache?

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