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From "Brad Nicholes" <>
Subject [PATCH]Setting the content length on files over 2 gig...
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2003 00:08:45 GMT
   Over the last few days I have been trying to fix the httpd code to
allow downloads of large files.  What I have found is that Apache seems
to be doing everything right but the web browsers have a problem with
large files.  If the content-length header is set and the length is over
2 gig, all browsers seem to have problems and will not download the
file.  I have been able to download files under 2 gig without any
problem.  With some browsers I am able to download files greater than 2
gig if the content-length header is not set.  However, none of the
browsers that I have tried will allow me to download a file greater than
4 gig.  I have attached 2 patches that seem to work on the NetWare
platform with large file support enabled.  The patch for protocol.c will
only set the content-length header if the content is less than
0x80000000.  The question is, is this an appropriate thing to do?

    FYI, The results of the different browsers has been interesting. 
IE seems to do OK when downloading a file that is less than 4 gig. 
Netscape 7.1 and Mozilla both show the progress up to the 2 gig point
and then the number of bytes recieved goes negative.  After that point
Netscape gets confused and gives up while Mozilla continues up to the 4
gig size before stopping.  Opera also seemed to get confused at around
the 2 gig point.


Brad Nicholes
Senior Software Engineer
Novell, Inc., the leading provider of Net business solutions 

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