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From "Ramanan" <>
Subject Help with RMI over HTTPS
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 02:19:48 GMT
   How do we configure Apache to support RMI over HTTPS on Windows 2000? I
am seeing the following POST request being made :
   The RMI POST request should be forwarded to the Tomcat server which uses
the servlet approach. The servlet defined is called "JavaRMIServlet".

   I have searched lot of places and found two solutions :
      a> CGI script approach. - I could not locate the script file for
windows 2000.
      b> Servlet approach - The servlet replaces the java-rmi.cgi but I saw
some apache config which uses mod_rewrite but could not get it up and

   I have exhausted all options. Any help or pointer would be highly

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