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From "amit athavale" <>
Subject Re: Problem in URL redirect
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2003 14:49:45 GMT

>> >>>But somehow I am not properly getting redirected. What I am getting is
>> >a>>blank page instead of the page I am trying to redirect to.
>> >>>
>> >>>Any ideas why this could be happening? Do I need to do a configuration
>> >>>setting for this redirect to function properly or is there something
>> >>>wrong with the way I am trying to redirect.
>> >>Sounds like you didn't set the proper status code?
>> > To be more precise, you need to set reponse status to "301 Moved
>> > Permanently" or HTTP_MOVED_PERMANENTLY.
>> Why not just: "302 Redirect"!?
>"302 Found". And it has quite different semantics. The OP needs to decide
>what he wants anyway.

Exactly. The only difference between both are words "permantly" and "temporarily". So its
very implementation specific.

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