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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: why open_logs/post_config hooks are run only for the main server?
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 16:58:21 GMT

> No... the default server is still a server.  But you make an interesting point, that
> certain percolation occurs in the post config.  I suppose I would want that to
> happen before my handlers dealt with the per-vhost settings, and I would not
> want the changes I make to that global server to percolate any longer in the
> host_init phase.  So running the post config, then the host init phases makes
> sense for that paradigm.

cool.  just to keep up, new patches attached.

> But let's imagine a scenario of dynamic vhosts, al la htaccess.  It would actually
> be quite cool in one thread to create such a dynamic host (propagate from some
> given vhost for example.)  This host init hook would still be run against the thread
> specific dynamic server record.  We could get away with some really cool things
> that way :)  Discuss ...

you'd need a way to direct requests directly to that specific thread,
though, right?  anyway, what kind of cool things?  I can see some advantage
to this oven in prefork, where you might want to dedicate a pool of children
to specific clients, but I don't really see the threaded advantages.  but I
generally don't get threaded environments anyway :)


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