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Subject Re: completing 2.0 scoreboard data set
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2003 15:00:29 GMT
Jeff Trawick wrote:

> (Lots of structures aren't arranged to minimize or make available for 
> future use the inevitable padding, but the scoreboard is one where we 
> potentally have a great number of them in shared memory and also where 
> changing the size of the structure can break some modules.)
> Also, should we be allowing modules to look at the scoreboard structures 
> directly, or indexing into the scoreboard arrays directly?  If the 
> latter were avoided, at least we could add fields to the end of 
> process_score or worker_score without hurting modules (okay to require 
> MPMs to be recompiled until such time that they can be dynamically loaded).

we've got accessor functions - ap_get_scoreboard_(worker|parent|global) - which 
look correct.  Why not require non-MPM modules to use those?

There shouldn't be a noticable performance hit.  I'm assuming 
ap_update_child_status* would continue to access the structures directly, which 
  won't be a problem if the base server is recompiled when the scoreboard 
structures change.


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