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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: completing 2.0 scoreboard data set
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 14:57:50 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:

> - httpd 2.0 doesn't maintain start/stop times in the extended status mode

add it

> - while vhost info was added, it doesn't contain the port info, 
> rendering the vhost record useless for the non named vhosts.
> any objections to adding it?

none from me

> Should it be in a separate record (port)

I'd vote for a separate field.


barely related jabber:

Note that the scoreboard data structures are screwed up w.r.t. padding 
currently.  It is hard to justify adding fields to 2.0 to use some of the 
implicit padding because theoretically there may be some platform I can't test 
that doesn't insert padding and I could break binary compatibility.  For 
2.1-dev it would be nice to rearrange the fields to minimize padding and, where 
we can show there is padding on common platforms, insert reserved fields that 
we can potentially start using later without breaking binary compatibility.
(Lots of structures aren't arranged to minimize or make available for future 
use the inevitable padding, but the scoreboard is one where we potentally have 
a great number of them in shared memory and also where changing the size of the 
structure can break some modules.)

Also, should we be allowing modules to look at the scoreboard structures 
directly, or indexing into the scoreboard arrays directly?  If the latter were 
avoided, at least we could add fields to the end of process_score or 
worker_score without hurting modules (okay to require MPMs to be recompiled 
until such time that they can be dynamically loaded).

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