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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject new <IfThreaded> directive (was Re: [patch] adding mpm info to httpd -V)
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 20:10:53 GMT

>> <IfThreaded>
>>     MaxThreadsPerChild   5
>> </IfThreaded>
> This rubs me the wrong way FWIW.  

oops, sorry :)

> I think it is best to have all
> directives for a specific MPM together in one container, and have that
> container specific to the MPM.  

well, in some cases I'd certainly agree.  however, I think that some "if I
have a threaded MPM" container would be genuinely useful.  consider the
perl-framework, where the default httpd.conf that is generated has the exact
same directives

<IfModule worker.c>
    StartServers         1
    MaxClients           1
    MinSpareThreads      1
    MaxSpareThreads      1
    ThreadsPerChild      1
    MaxRequestsPerChild  0

for both worker and perchild (and we'd need the same for leader someday I

granted, this kind of duplication might make sense in some circumstances.
however, specifically for non-core directives it might be nice to have such
a feature.  for instance, I can see some value in

  # if using a threaded mpm load some ultra-slow but threadsafe
  # version of some ultra-fast but non-threadsafe module

if this kind of thing (someday) applies to, say, php folks, then asking them
to duplicate this for each and every possible threaded MPM seems to be
asking a bit much.

but maybe this is all just academic anyway.  thanks for listening
nonetheless :)

> If somebody really wants to do this they
> could use IfDefine;  though it would be easier if the core pre-defined
> some symbol for use in IfDefine, it is doable as-is.

sure.  the only reason I didn't go that way was that the docs seem to say
that <IfDefine> only applies to -D command-line parameters - I wasn't
familiar enough with the directives to see if there were other, internal -D
flags that were also used.


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