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From Andrew Rodland <>
Subject Re: patch to add style sheet support to mod_autoindex
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 03:12:13 GMT
Tyler Riddle wrote:

> I made a simple modification to mod_autoindex that
> allows one to specify a style sheet to be used for the
> generated page in the server config file. This was
> done with a new configuration item IndexStyleSheet.
> This item specifies a string that is used to reference
> an external style sheet.
> The patch is available at
> and is a unified diff against apache 1.3.28. If
> something is wrong with this patch or it is not up to
> the apache code standards I would love to know why so
> I can improve my coding skills.

This looks very nice indeed.

What remains to be done, though, in my opinion is to actually put in some
tags to allow more fine-grained formatting, rather than just control over
the whole file. A quick glance makes me think it shouldn't be too
incredibly hard. Even that giant <pre> doesn't pose a real problem,
although it could easily be replaced by the appropriate CSS text property.

I'm wondering, though -- should these only appear if you have an
IndexStyleSheet set, or should they be default? They don't do any harm if
no style is set, but they do use bytes.

Which brings me to my other point: Tyler, or anyone else, do you want to
provide a sample stylesheet for some nice file listing?

--Andrew "hobbs" Rodland

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