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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: [DRAFT] configure documentation
Date Sun, 02 Nov 2003 02:57:31 GMT

On Sun, 2 Nov 2003, [ISO-8859-15] Astrid Ke├čler wrote:

> Hi guys,
> at you'll find a draft for a
> configure script documentation. There are still some open ends - mostly
> commented within the xml file - and there might be a lot of typos and
> spelling mistakes, but it is ready for a review now...
> It would be fine, if someone could also go through the text and improve
> it. I do not trust my english skills ;)

Looks very good.  Here are some comments:

- How are we planning to integrate this with install.xml?  I assume we'll
just rip out most of the "Configuring the source tree" section and replace
it with a link to this new doc?

- Since this program is unlike any of the other documented programs
(apachectl/dbmmanage/etc), it should be made very clear at the top that
configure is used only in the *source* tree, and that it is not part of an
installed apache.

- under "--no-create", "running" should be just "run".

- extra "." at the end of --srcdir

- Under "system types", cross-compile should have a dash.

- You can probably steal the docs for --enable-layout from install.xml.

- Perhaps warn under the "general syntax" section that configure will not
complain about --enable-foo even if foo doesn't exist, so you need to type

- Under "enable or disable discrete modules", "therefore" is missing an

- We should mark those modules that are really only for developers
(bucketeer, case-filter, fn-export, etc).  Probably they should be listed

- I would split the modules into two sections introduced with: "The
following modules are enabled by default.  Use these options to remove
them."  "The following modules are disabled by default.  Use these options
to enable them."  (And perhaps "The following modules are useful only for
developers and are disabled by default.")

- Under --with-module, I would replace "bigger modules" with "more complex

- It looks like your link to mpm.html needs a ".." at the front.

- enable-vhost-alias seems way out of place.

- with-program-name needs a little more detail.  (For example, default:

- I would drop the suexec section and simply reference the suexec docs.
We don't really want people enabling this until they have read the docs.

- You're missing --with-gdbm/ndbm/berkely-db (see install.xml).

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