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From "amit athavale" <>
Subject Sending multiple responses
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 06:44:33 GMT

Requirement :

I want to change the mod_dav code so that it sends "102 Processing" responses after copying
say 5 resources. This is necessary when COPYing or DELETEing large collections.(say depth
> 20 and total resources = 10000. In such cases webdav clients times-out but server continues
to process . This might be confusing for the user.

Issue :
How can I use apache APIs/filter APIs so that from "handler" it'll  continue to send "102
Processing" responses and after everything is deleted, it will send "204" as usual and come
out of handler.

Looking at the code I can think of the ugly way of doing it by writing response using ap_r*
and simulate the behavior of finalize_request_protocol and check_pipeline_flush. (and then
reset r->eos_sent to 0)

I know this is not the clean way of doing it but couldnt come up with it.

Could somebody please suggest me how this can be done in clean way ?


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