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From "amit athavale" <>
Subject Re: Sending multiple responses
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 06:38:47 GMT
Thanks Bill for the reply.

My 2 cents (I am filter novice :) )

>We need to create a new metadata bucket to pass on the Continue, or 
>Processing, or other 1xx-style response codes.  It needs to be processed
>by the HTTP filter so that these responses aren't inserted into 1.0 streams,
>or into the middle of a chunked response, etc.

I observed one more thing :  Filters such as http_header_filter removes itself from filter
chain by calling "ap_remove_output_filter". So  this filter should take care that if I am
sending 1xx kind of responses it should not remove it from chain, else in subsequent responses
there are no headers.

>It's a very interesting request, thank you for posting it to the list, Amit!

Actually it will become necessary when mod_dav will be pushed more into commercial arena.
COPYing large collection etc are normal operations and often clients sets time-out of 120sec
or so. Its necessary from UI perspective (could show progress bar etc.).

I hope there would be more cleaner way of doing it somewhere in future. :)

Thanks a lot

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