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From "Haskell Curry" <>
Subject Re: child connection ?
Date Sat, 22 Nov 2003 15:46:23 GMT
ok man, thanks a lot :)

>From: Jeff Trawick <>
>Subject: Re: child connection ?
>Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 10:44:36 -0500
>Haskell Curry wrote:
>>does the child not schedule the request of a same connection !?
>A subsequent request on the same connection will be handled by the same 
>thread that handled the first request on that connection.
>>[computer A] ----connection---> [computer B]
>>[computer A] <-------ack----------- [computer B]
>>[computer A] ------request 1---->[computer B]
>>[computer A] ------request 2----->[computer B]
>>the child has the "request 1" and "request 2", how does the child
>>schedule them !? or the chil process "request 1" and after that
>>"request 2" or the child can put "request 1" in a thread and
>>"request 2" into another.
>the requests are processed serially on the same thread...  Apache will not 
>start processing another request from same conneciton on another thread 
>while it continues to process the first request

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