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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: consider reopening 1.3
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2003 21:12:20 GMT

On Nov 16, 2003, at 3:57 PM, Glenn wrote:
> Oh, how about my (effectively) 2-line patch which adds vhost
> to the error log, which I have posted to this list NO LESS THAN 6 TIMES
> and spaced out over the past 6 MONTHS in three different formats, using
> a global, expanding server_rec, and with #defines.

Ok, that's true, but that *really* does not translate to
a downpour of disenfranchised 1.3 developers begging for 1.3
to be re-opened :)

>> I'm curious how a 1.4 or whatever would make it "easier" for
>> people to make that transition. What would 1.4 have or be
>> for that to happen?
> I have some different ideas.  One is to distribute APR with 1.3 so
> that modules developers could incrementally move their modules to APR.

> Personal experience: I am writing a module for 1.3 and 2.0 and the only
> code reuse I manage to achieve is where I said 'screw both the Apache 
> 1.3
> and Apache 2.0 models' and decided that my module would only work on 
> compliant systems, and wrote my own POSIX compliant socket routines.  
> If I
> had access to APR in 1.3, I could maintaining my module with 2.0 
> paradigms
> and would be able to keep my module working with 1.3 with much less
> additional effort.
> Please note: I'm not in favor of implementing major changes to 1.3 that
> are not in-line with Apache 2.x, but am in favor of continuing bug 
> fixes
> and making the eventual transition to 2.x easier.

Interesting, but if the usage of APR was that deep within 1.3, then
wouldn't backwards compatibility with 1.3 go out the window.
I'm guessing this is your 1.4/1.5 branch. But that doesn't help
the 1.3 people at all, since (if I'm understanding you correctly)
all this does is create another Apache version...

I may be misunderstanding you... or do you mean just have
Apache 1.3 "APR aware" and not for 1.3 to *use* it per se,
but allow for modules to call APR... That would be useful,
but anything deeper than that would scare people I think...
APR is just as "new" as Apache 2.0.

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