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From "Loveridge, Shanon" <>
Subject RE: Include Directive using CDSL's on Tru64 Cluster
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2003 23:03:13 GMT
Indeed, I can see why it was designed this way however I think that it should be up to the
admin to ensure that there is no cyclic symlinks. I don't think that some one should have
to patch the code to use a CDSL in the Include Directive. Anyway here is a patch up to you
guys if you want to implement it.

Note: Patch was done on 1.3.27

Shanon Loveridge
System Architect
Reporting Data Warehouse

* André Malo
Yes, this is to prevent infinite loops caused by cyclic symlinks. In fact
... I think, we can safely remove this (at least since the
fnmatch-includes). Opinions?

* "Loveridge, Shanon" <> wrote:

> > The code is using !ap_is_rdirectory to check that it is a dir but not a
> > symlink (NOTE this is not true for the ErrorLog directive which allows a
> > CDSL to be set)

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