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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Release Frequency and Testing
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 05:19:46 GMT
I hope the response does not diminish your enthusiasm...

The mailing list (you can join up with a mail
to maintains the mod_specweb and
the perl-framework websites.  I believe that flood is seperate at this point.

Please - subscribe and contribute!  The discussions recently have proven
that 1) users wish we did more, and 2) there is more to be done.  But httpd
is a voulenteer project, so without enough hands raised - we are truly limited
in what we can accomplish :)

Most discussions of the exact mechanics of the test suite occur on that
list - it is less-than-intuitive how to add some sorts of tests, and those
who participate on the list can lend a hand to newcomers.

Finally, understand that most new tests are reactions to current bugs, so
that a brand new regression of code that never 'merited' a test might not 
be caught.  So the ONLY WAY TO PREVENT THIS is to please, please,
PLEASE obtain the release candidates and use them in real situations and
production load.  Until more do so, and scream at regressions, there is
ultimately nothing we can do to avoid the sort of problem you encountered.


At 09:13 PM 11/23/2003, Robert La Ferla wrote:
>What testing gets performed prior to an official httpd 2.x release?  I think whatever
test suite is used, needs some updating to include configurations that utilize more features
like user tracking, caching and multi-views.  The last release (2.0.48) crashes on startup
for my configuration which includes those features.  I will submit a bug report later.  However,
I have seen some previous releases that had other crash bugs on startup as well.  2.0.48 was
supposed to be a bug fix release but some other bugs were introduced.  If the frequency of
the 2.x releases was greater (shorter time between releases), it wouldn't be as a big of a
problem.  I have noticed that 2.x releases seem to take much longer than ones in the 1.x days.
 I guess what I am saying here is that I hope there can be some discussion about the frequency
of releases (making a conscious effort to make them more frequent) as well as a review of
what testing gets done prior to a release.

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