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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: the wheel of httpd-dev life is surely slowing down, solutions please
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2003 08:59:37 GMT
Although it's probably a little late to be responding to innuendo, the bare minimum 
points that need a response;

At 12:36 AM 11/14/2003, wrote:
>There was a lot going down 'offline' and things were just
>being 'announced' on the forum.

That's the way development often happens.  Pound on code for a week
and present it when it's working.  You are reading just a little too much
cloak and dagger into things.

>What you neglected to mention was that this now-famous
>'303 - Second Street - San Francisco' in-person huddle that you
>are talking about took place at ( you guessed it ) Covalent
>Corporate headquarters.

Yup - they hosted it, although had 1/2 the committers been in the same area
on the east cost, our friends in Raleigh were happy to open their meeting room.

>How long after that meeting was it that they hired you?
>You were then ( still? ) in Nebraska, yes?

I started consulting for them sometime after that meeting, when Ryan appealed 
for my help.  I joined Covalent that following March.  And nope, never NE, I've
lived in Chicago most of my life, but for a few year sabbatical in upstate NY.  
Had never even met any Apache or Covalent folk in person till that meeting.

>> I'm proud that I've been a contributor before Covalent
<reinsert text snipped for trollbait>
>> and will remain ( proud ) even if I find other
>> opportunities at some point.

>Funny wording. Do you mean you aren't proud to be a
>contributor now that you ARE at Covalent?

Nope, I mean exactly that, I played with Apache for the heck of it and got alot out
of the experience.  It reassured me that C is not dead (another parallel discussion
that's getting a little silly :-)

And I'm equally proud to be part of Covalent, and proud of what Covalent employees 
have contributed to Apache, and the Apache 2.0 version.


And with that minimum response...

<ignore class="troll"/>

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