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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Sending multiple responses
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 16:24:20 GMT
At 12:38 AM 11/7/2003, amit athavale wrote:
>Thanks Bill for the reply.
>My 2 cents (I am filter novice :) )
>>We need to create a new metadata bucket to pass on the Continue, or 
>>Processing, or other 1xx-style response codes.  It needs to be processed
>>by the HTTP filter so that these responses aren't inserted into 1.0 streams,
>>or into the middle of a chunked response, etc.
>I observed one more thing :  Filters such as http_header_filter removes itself from filter
chain by calling "ap_remove_output_filter". So  this filter should take care that if I am
sending 1xx kind of responses it should not remove it from chain, else in subsequent responses
there are no headers.

Of course.  The best-case is to put this in the HTTP filter itself, I'm guessing.

>>It's a very interesting request, thank you for posting it to the list, Amit!
>Actually it will become necessary when mod_dav will be pushed more into commercial arena.
COPYing large collection etc are normal operations and often clients sets time-out of 120sec
or so. Its necessary from UI perspective (could show progress bar etc.).

I have no doubt, there are occasional; complains about long-running cgis and
so forth timing out on the connection before the request is serviced.  Cranking
the timeout to 5 minutes isn't a healty solution, as another thread on this
list points out.

>I hope there would be more cleaner way of doing it somewhere in future. :)

Apache 2.1 is in development, and has a number of new-feature changes like
SSL/TLS connection upgrade.  This should be written against and committed
to the new codebase, and may be backported if it doesn't break compatibility
between 2.0 releases.

I'll sketch something up today for you to play with.


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