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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Skipping a filter from the filter chain
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 18:22:28 GMT
Abdul Mujeer Kapadia wrote:
> As a small experiment we have been trying to add STLS support to 
> mod_pop3. Just for info STLS is equivalent to STARTTLS in SMTP and means 
> that the connection is established as an insecure one and then later is 
> upgraded to TLS security.
> mod_ssl was enabled on the virtual host for mod_pop3. A different filter 
> chain was used when creating the request. As the filter chain only 
> contained mod_core, mod_ssl and mod_pop3 acted as the content module, I 
> set the request filters to point directly to mod_core (e.g 
> c->output_filters->next). The request filter were again modified to 
> point to mod_ssl when connection is upgraded to TLS. This worked fine, 
> accept for the fact that some https request started crashing.
> A better idea it seems is to allow the request to have the same filter 
> chain as connection, but use two seperate filter_pointers in the 
> get_brigade and ap_fprintf. These pointers can initially point to 
> mod_core and later when the connection is upgraded, they can be set to 
> point to mod_ssl.
> I want some feedback from other developers whether such a technique will 
> be successful and stable?

I don't know how mod_pop3 is implemented, but why do you need to mix pop3 with 
HTTP? Why not running it off a separate vhost/port, in which case you don't 
need to mess with filter stacks.

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