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From Brian Akins <>
Subject Global keepalive count possible?
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 13:31:29 GMT
I have been thinking about this and just wanted to see if it were possible.

Say that MaxClients is 1024.  Normally, with keepalives turned on, all 
1024 of these threads (or proc's) can be busy doing keep alives which 
means  that they could just be sitting around waiting for them to time 
out.  What I'd like to do is something like "GlobalKeepAliveCount 256." 
  This would mean that at most 256 threads would be busy with keep 
alives at any time.  (This idea is borrowed from another web server.)

Here's what I was thinking:

-Have a global count for keepalives in shared memory (or scoreboard)
-After create connection, check this variable, if less than max, then 
process normally, increment variable, and register a cleanup on 
connection pool. This cleanup will decrement the variable.


Brian Akins
Senior Systems Engineer
CNN Internet Technologies

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