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From Jeff Trawick <>
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 13:43:09 GMT
Folks with outstanding patches or new patches in the works:

Please follow the guidelines at

The biggest change is that we ask people to submit patches via the bug 
database.  Some people have been doing this already, but many patches were 
posted only to the mailing list, didn't receive immediate attention, and were 
forgotten.  Discussion of patches on the mailing list is still fine, but the 
requirement for a Bugzilla entry is expected to decrease the number of patches 
which languish forever.

If you already have a patch submitted via a Bugzilla problem report, make sure 
that the PatchAvailable keyword is enabled for the problem report.  This is 
easy to add to an existing report:  Enter "PatchAvailable" in the keywords 
entry field and submit the change.

Meanwhile, we need to scour Bugzilla for patches associated with open PRs that 
don't have the PatchAvailable keyword specified.

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