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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [patch] adding mpm info to httpd -V
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 23:25:51 GMT

Jeff Trawick wrote:
> Geoffrey Young wrote:

wow, I didn't expect to see this followed up upon.  thanks.

>> Server version: Apache/2.1.0-dev
>> Server built:   Aug 12 2003 02:25:22
>> Server's Module Magic Number: 20030213:1
>> Architecture:   32-bit
>> Server MPM:     Prefork
> too bad ap_show_mpm doesn't list this like other modules :( ("prefork.c" 
> or "worker.c")... the major source file name is what you need in 
> <IfModule FOO>

hmm... odd.  I guess I'll take your word for it that doesn't work now (I'm 
on conference overload and really can't think straight at the moment :)

but if it doesn't I'd be happy to try and make it work if there is a 
consensus that it would be a good thing.  the only issue I can see is 
something mentioned in the original thread on test-dev@ - that attributes 
like being threaded (or not) are generally more useful than the more 
simplistic approach of looking for worker.c.

nevertheless, I'd be happy to do the scut work here and code both up (httpd 
-V and IfDefine/IfModule stuff) if some agreement can be reached on exactly 
what it all ought to look like.

> also, we can axe the display of the MPM directory, right?  what good is 
> that? or does the test suite use that?

currently, the test suite uses it to infer the mpm (worker, prefork, etc). 
but I don't see any reason (from the perspective of the perl-framework) that 
it can't be moved, provided there is some other way to determine the mpm (or 
relevant underlying mpm attributes).

again, thanks for your interest - it is really appreciated.


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