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From Bill Stoddard <>
Subject Re: consider reopening 1.3
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2003 01:02:35 GMT
Peter J. Cranstone wrote:

> In today's environment it's all about 2 words - price/performance. Show me
> that Apache 2.x can outperform 1.x by a factor 10 on the same box. 

Dig around... I posted a benchmark to this list early in 2.0 development showing a 10x improvement
of threaded 
2.0 over 1.3 on AIX. The test was rather unfair to 1.3 as I had the machine swapping like
crazy.  So my 
question to you is price/performance doing what? It would not be too difficult to show a large
improvement with 2.0 configured as a DMZ tier caching load balancing server frontending a
farm of backend 
application servers. 'Smart' load balancing (pick your algorithm) and active fail-over support
is not built in 
but would not be too difficult to add (I even posted a proof of concept to the proxy dev list
a couple of 
months back).  Tux is about the ultimate solution for serving static pages, but I doubt it
has much traction 
either. One other thing worth noting... most Apache installations run on Linux. One of the
big features of 
Apache 2, the threaded MPM, is completely worthless on Linux. The threaded MPM runs pretty
well on the new 
thread library but the new thread library will not become mainstream until the 2.6 kernel
(yea. I know some 
distros have it in 2.4, but that is somewhat controversial). Once the thread library on Linux
is stable, we 
may begin to see more thread safe packages available for things like mod_php.


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