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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: the wheel of httpd-dev life is surely slowing down, solutions please
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2003 20:31:14 GMT wrote:

> The 'other' not-so-dedicated-but-certainly-interested 
> developers felt 'shut out' of the 2.0 development cycle
> because it was obvious a lot of it was taking place
> 'off line' and nothing was being documented so they
> couldn't really get a good handle on what was going
> on in order to make a contribution.
> So they were mostly 'waiting in the wings' for a lot of
> the 2.0 DESIGN level decisions and concepts to 
> become clear so they could 'jump in'.

When I reworked mod_proxy for v2.0, it was one of the first modules to 
jump in and fully utilise the filter mechanism. Admittedly it took a 
while to get my head around the filter stuff, but once I had got it, it 
was fine. All the v2.0 mod_proxy development happened over weekends, and 
not on company time (a lot of it in a hotel room in Alsjo in Stockholm, 
but anyway).

I feel the architecture jump from v1.3 to v2.0 was worth the effort, as 
the previous "one handler at a time" nonsense went out the window, 
replaced with a possiblity of "choose from these filters, and 
interchange them at will in new and interesting ways". The split of 
mod_proxy into mod_proxy and mod_cache would not have been possible 
without filters.

I think the key thing is this: Apache v2.0 works, and better fulfils the 
requirements of people doing web hosting. Less development means there 
are less itches, and less itches means Apache v2.0 is a closer fit to 
user requirements than v1.3 was.


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